Daily routine and a bust lifestyle is up on the plate for every person out there. We all are so busy that we often forget to take care of our body and mind. While interacting or being anywhere, we can accumulate confidence if we know that we are taking enough care and using effective skincare measures. Remember, your face adds up the majority of your confidence, isn’t it? Let us take some time out for this 30 min skincare routine which can add glow and promote healthy skin for about a month. Add this skincare regime to your Sunday to – do list, right away.


To begin with the skincare procedure, don’t forget to wash your face with a mild face wash. This step is essential so to get rid of excess oil and dirt build – up on skin and free the pores of the dirt sedimentation. If your skin is sensitive, it is recommended to go for a mild, vegan face wash to begin with. These face wash are skin friendly and leave your skin supple and soft because they do not cause any harm to sensitive skin than those containing sulphates in it. For individuals with open pores, it is recommended to wash the face for about 2-5 minutes in a circular motion so as to clean them effectively. You can shop some of the best; vegan and affordable face wash here. We highly recommend Kaved as the reviews listed are highly positive.

  • TONE - IN

After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, damp, wipe your face and let it air dry for some time. Post this, pull out your favourite toner and spray it all over the face. You can use normal rosewater or even prepare one by yourself. DIY toners are more trusted than what you see there in the market. Take half a cucumber and blend it. Extract the retaining water in a spray bottle. Spray it all over your face and neck. Cucumber is known to slow down and eradicate inflammation and acne on the face. After applying the toner, dab your face gently and let it absorb on your skin. Don’t let it completely dry, let it be a little moist to exfoliate.


Steam helps to add glow to the skin, as the water causes hydration and expands the pores to extract dirt out of it. Take a steamer and fill it with distilled water. For best results, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Plug in the steamer and cover your face with a towel. Steam in for about 8-10 minutes until your face has obtained a pink glow. Clean off excess water from the face and maintain partial moisture for further exfoliation.


After the toning procedure, take a small amount of gentle exfoliator and rub it between your palms. Don’t forget to add in some cucumber toner you just prepared or some distilled water. Make sure your hands are clean during the entire process as the pores have been enlarged and are prone to get dirty if hygiene is not proper. Exfoliate with steady and apply gentle pressure to your skin in circular motions for about 4-5 minutes. Don’t leave any space yet to be exfoliated. After this, you’re your face with cold water. Remember, choose your exfoliator wisely. It should be an organic one, a plant – based specifically. This is because your face after steaming is ready to absorb anything that you will feed it. You can find some gentle and vegan exfoliators here at Kaved. The uniqueness of handmade skincare products is that they are free of chemicals that can damage your skin.


After properly scrubbing and exfoliating your face with a mild cleanser, you are ready for the pack. The face pack that you are going to apply should be best in effect and should suit your skin type. Face pack works wonders when it is a clay – type. Take a tablespoon of kaolin clay or calcium bentonite clay. Add a few drops of rose water to it and one to two drops of sandalwood essential oil. Mix the ingredients until they form a consistent texture of a paste. Apply it all over your face and neck and let it dry for about 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and damp wipe your face with a clean towel. Kaolin clay (Chini Mitti) is the ancient Chinese formula for soft, immaculate and radiant skin. Whereas Bentonite clay is known to be the most powerful pore cleansing and skin healing element. You can prefer any of the two for your desired results. Sandalwood oil on the other hand promotes skin cooling and radiance. It also mitigates the occurrence of acne spots and thus promotes flawless skin.


After washing the pack off, moisturize. Note that for healthy and acne free skin, the moisturizer should be soft in texture and pivotally vegan. Before choosing your moisturizer, make sure it is dermatologically tested and does not contain products that can harm your skin. If you feel that moisturizers make your skin oily, you can also opt for moisturizing gel. Kaved essentials have launched their exclusive gel moisturizer and it has received many positive reviews via bloggers and influencers. You can shop from the category and find it here at. Take the required amount of gel and apply in circular motions until absorbed. You can also apply it before using your favourite moisturizer for oil – free glow.


So here comes the end of our ultimate skin regime and care guide. You can follow the clean-up steps once a month if you have normal skin. If you get oily one, it is recommended to perform the same twice a month. Do not skip the skincare or don’t expand the time intervals, neither do it very frequently (everyday). Keep a uniform gap between the time periods and hold onto the routine. Also, choose vegan and handmade products as they suit every skin type and most importantly, are affordable and harmless. You can shop and pick your favourite and can add them in your skincare routine from Kaved Essentials.

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